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My Story


I am a normal person just like you, but what life has thrown at me has forced me to become an extraordinary overcomer. 


While we are all living in a post-pandemic world, for each person suffering, this is a very personal pain.


I am not trying to address large solutions. Policies, plans, and promises do very little. Instead, I am trying to bring positive changes down to individuals and families.


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But you don't care about who I am. You want to know how I can help you.

Do I really understand what you are going through and do I really have solutions for you?

Yes, I do.


  •  I have been quarantined when both of our vehicles completely stopped working and we had no access to any form of public transportation in our rural community.
  • We were suddenly unemployed without warning when my husband walked into the doctor's office to learn that because of his cancer he was not permitted to return to work.
  • I homeschooled our 4 daughters at various points for 13 years without high speed Internet, without lesson plans, and sometimes without much money to buy books.
  • I was freelancing as a writer and part time tutoring (can you say telecommute) while homeschooling?
  • My husband was at a Michigan fire station on 9/11 and I was on the phone with him when I watched the 1st tower fall. I feared for his safety not knowing where we'd be attacked next. 
  • I had to care for a sick loved one. In fact, the day of my husband's first round of chemo our then 2 year old woke up with a severe case of pink eye. At the end of his treatment he contracted pneumonia but was sent home from the ER because the hospital had too many germs for his compromised immune system. 
  • This hit us with the equivalent of a year's income of debt and no government bail outs.


 I know you want to make your future better than your past despite the circumstances. That is why you are reading this. And I know I want to help you do exactly that.


Doing the things I teach in this cannot give you back all of your lost earnings, but I can help you to make better choices today. I know this because today I can weather this storm. I do have food. I have a plan for the stimulus check that will keep my family in the black, even if this continues longer than we hope. I am not panicked about the next 6 months.


And my adult children who moved into their first apartment March 1, 2020, 12 days before life turned upside down, are equally prepared.


I am not some super star, a person who rides in private jets, and I'm not promising you instant weath by the end of the year. I am middle class.  I love my husband. I love my kids. I have a dog. I have only been on vacation a few times in my adult life. I have made the mistakes and I want to share honestly what I have learned. And THAT, in reality, is really what you want to know, right?


Oh, and my name is Tiffany. 


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While this is a global event, for each person, it is a personal tragedy.


My ultimate goal is that I am trying to bring positive change to individuals and families.

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