• Creative meal idea with 3 ingredients and no planning

    It can be pretty tedious each day trying to figure out what to make. When my kids were growing up it seemed like a minefield navigating around the preferences and needs of all 6--and for a time 8--of us. It wasn't that I tried to accomodate every taste at every meal, but at least at some point every week.

    And now things are still difficult but in a different way. All the girls have grown up and moved to their own apartments and I am cooking for just the two of us. Instead of navigating everyone's taste, I now have to try not to get in a rut. One way I have done this is by this easy plan to make simple meals with 3 ingredients. In this video I teach how to do it.

    Of course, this isn't the only cooking idea I have on this channel. In fact, the channel has lots of tips on budgeting and time management, in addition to cooking and helping foodbanks.

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    But if tonight you're trying to figure out what to make, instead of opting for the expense of eating out, try one of these ideas to create something quick, easy and satisfying. And share your ideas here or on my youtube page.

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