This affiliate program has three purposes:

1. To help get the message of The Balanced Life out to more people, so more people can benefit from what it says.

2. To provide individuals with a way to earn additional money

3. To help offset the cost associated with the website, videos, design, and production.

It is designed for anyone who believes in these things and wants to be a part. It is not designed for spammers!!!

Who is it designed for?

To sign up you need to simply create an account with the website that I use to download my product. Each month I will be notified of sales made through that affiliate link. For each completed purchase you will receive $4 via paypal. It is that easy. The affiliate link report delievered to me is the sole deciding factor on payments. I make every effort to pay fairly and completely.

You can share this link on blogs, websites, social media. You may NOT spam or do anything that would reflect negatively on what I am trying to do with which is help others!

Simply click this link to go to the buy page and on the right side you will see how to sign up to be an affiliate.

What do I get? How do I start?

This does not create an employer/employee relationship with us, nor does it give you permission to represent yourself as a part of The balanced life or owner in any way. This is in no way financial advice and you should not imply in any way it is. This is life advice and wisdom I learned during a major economic downturn similar to what we are currently experiencing. I reserve the right to cancel accounts and seek damages from anyone who behaves in a way that reflects poorly on The Balanced Life, me, or past, present, or future associates.

What it is NOT

Affiliate program

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